Matter is the main currency of the game. It is used for purchasing and upgrading interstellar objects which are called colliders.

Matter can be obtained:

  • by tapping on the screen
  • automatically if you have colliders
  • from ads bonus
  • from abilities



Antimatter is the prestige currency. It is used for increasing your matter production and for purchasing Divine powers.

You receive antimatter by imploding your universe.

Dark matter

Dark matter

Dark matter is the premium currency. It used for:

  • purchasing abilities
  • getting back antimatter when you salvage Divine powers
  • imploding your universe without waiting for the hour cooldown

You receive dark matter:

  • by reaching achievements
  • by claiming daily rewards
  • by watching ads
  • by tapping on the screen if you have the Divine power "Laurel of Luck"

Upgrade points


Upgrade points is an upgrade currency. It is used to get upgrades.

You earn an upgrade points when the upgrade progress bar of a collider is full.