Divine powers are permanent upgrades for your universe.

Buy a Divine power

You can purchase Divine powers with Antimatter. If you purchase one, you will get a random one out of the 22 that exist.

Each new Divine powers costs more Antimatter.

Owned Divine powers Antimatter for a new Divine Powers
0 1k
1 9.88k
2 97.52k
3 962.94k
4 9.51M
5 93.9M
6 927.31M
10 1.28T

Upgrade a Divine power

You can upgrade your Divine power by spending Antimatter on them.

Some upgrade details are in the table below.

Salvage a Divine power

You can salvage a Divine power, if you don't like the effect or if it doesn't fit your playstyle.

You will get back 25% of the Antimatter that you initially paid.

You need to spend 50 Dark matter if you want to get the other 75% of Antimatter,

Note that you won't get back the Antimatter that you paid for Divine power upgrades.

List of Divine powers

Name Effect Gain by upgrade Max level Antimatter for level 2 Antimatter for level 10
Agile Momentum Increases the speed of rapid collisions by X% 5% 4.49 6.01k
Anachronism Grants X seconds of double speed on implosion 1 second 2.58 508.36k
Celestian Plans Divides the cost of divine power upgrades by additionnal X% 1% 9.9 305.65
Circle of Eternity Increases the efficiency of accumulating frozen time by X% (uncapped) 0.5% 6.25 425.24
Concept of Eternity Increases your maximum freeze time by X hours 0.5 hours 2.35 1.06M
Divine Determination Increases the production of mighty collisions by X% 10% 4.71 4.16k
Divine Finger Increases the Matter from mighty taps by X% 10% 4.76 3.78k
Divine Fist Increases the chance of mighty taps by X% 1% 2.94 178.58k
Divine Gift Gives a chance of get Matter refunded when creating colliders by X% 0.5% 2.05 3.19M
Divine Will Increases the chance of mighty collisions by X% 1% 2.92 189.36k
Gesture of Velicity Increases the speed of colliders by X% 10% 5.83 748.36
Godly Cleverness Increases the chance of getting two upgrade points by X% 1% 4.04 14.08k
Gods Deftness Increases the chance to buy a collider twice by X% 0.5% 2.58 508.36k
Gravity Orb Enhances the production of collision by X% 10% 8.58 33.93
Heavenly Hand Enhances the production of tapping by X% 10% 8.7 30.59
Laurel of Luck Increases the chance of creating Dark Matter when tapping by X% (with 1/3600 basechance) 1% 3.96 16.52k
Rapid Decision Increases the chance of rapid collisions by X% 0.5% 2.84 218.7k
Realm of Knowledge Start with X upgrades after implosion 1 5.26 1.7k
Realm of Riches Increases the amount of Antimatter you get when resetting by X% 1% 6.35 378.66
Strange Matter Reduces all cost by X% 10% 5.83 59.6
Swift Start Start with X Matter after implosion Depends on level. Start with 100 5.8 783.99