Colliders are interstellar objects, like the Quantum Foam. They produce Matter.

Collider production

A collider generate a particule, every time their progress bar is full. The particles on the screen will collide each other and produce Matter.

A collider has different properties:



Level how much collider you own
Production how much Matter this collider produce
Time how long this collider needs to produce
Progression bar the current time to produce
Upgrade progression bar how much additionnal levels are required to produce an upgrade point

You can show details of a collider by clicking on the information button.

Upgrade a collider

You can upgrade a collider:

  • by purchasing levels with Matter
  • by making the upgrade progression bar full and so get an additional 100% production bonus
  • by purchasing upgrades
  • by purchasing abilities
  • by purchasing and upgrading Divine powers

Upgrade the speed of colliders

Among collider upgrades, you can increase the production speed.

This means that the production time of collider will reduce this way : base production time / new speed.

For instance, Quarks have a base production time: 11.54s. If you increase the production speed by +10%, Quarks will have a new production time: 11.54s / 110% = 10.49s. If you increase again the production speed, Quarks will have this production time: 11.54s / 120% = 9.62s.

Upgrade the cost of colliders

You can purchase "cost reduction" upgrade among the upgrades.

This upgrade make will the collider cost reduce this way : base cost / new cost reduction.

For instance, Quarks have a base cost : 5.61M. If you increase the cost reduction by +10%, Quarks will have a new cost : 6.61M / 110% = 5.1M. If you increanse again the cost reduction, Quarks will have this cost : 5.61M / 120% = 4.67M.


Collisions happen when two particules produced by colliders collide. They produce Matter.

There are different types of collisions:

Collision type Description
Collisions Normal collision
Mighty collisions Collision that produces much more Matter
Rapid collisions Collision that triggers the next generation of a particule, to be very fast
Mighty taps Tap taht produces much more Matter

Mighty collisions, rapid collisions and mighty taps can be upgraded:

God of Taps


This collider is special : tapping on the screen will make this collider produce.

You can also make this collider produce automatically by purchasing abilities.

Collider types

There are 31 different collider types. Each one can produce far more than the previous one.

Name Base Price Base Production Base Time
1 God of Taps 10 1 N/A
2 Quantum Foam 50 1 2s
3 Photon 555 9.55 3.1s
4 Neutrino 9.11k 117.72 4.81s
5 Electron 200.98k 1.79k 7.45s
6 Quark 5.61M 32.73k 11.54s
7 Proton 190.03M 698.17k 17.89s
8 Atom 7.6B 17.1M 27.73s
9 Molecule 350.55B 473.26M 42.99s
10 Dust 16.36T 30.37B 66.64s
11 Grain of Sand 1.07aa 685.8B 103.2s
12 Rock
13 Asteroid 4.98ad 213.8aa 178.3s
14 Moon
15 Planet
16 Gas Giant
17 Dwarf Star
18 Star
19 Neutron Star
20 Blue Giant
21 Nebula
22 Red Supergiant
23 Black Hole
24 Quasar
25 Star Cloud
26 Galaxy
27 Galactic Group
28 Supercluster
29 Parallel Universe
30 Multiverse
31 Multiverse Bubble